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Buying the game

No Straight Roads will be releasing digitally and physically on August 25th. The Nintendo Switch physical version will be releasing on September 15th.

Yes! No Straight Roads will be available digitally on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & the Epic Games Store from August 25.

Yes! No Straight Roads will be available physically on PS4 & Xbox One from August 25, and physically on Nintendo Switch from September 15.

Unfortunately the Collector’s Edition has sold out in most places, with many retailers having removed it from sale. The stores will not be getting any more stock, however if there are any cancellations of pre-orders this should appear on their websites so please keep an eye on this.

The PC version is a timed exclusive to the Epic Games Store for 12 months.

Unfortunately due to manufacturing lead times the Nintendo Switch physical version will be arriving on 15th September.

Unfortunately the Collector’s Edition is only available in limited quantity and may now be sold out in certain territories. We recommend checking in with your retailer for availability.

Unfortunately not. The Collector’s Edition is only available on PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

The Game

The concept of Rock vs EDM originated from the idea of wanting musical genres to play a central theme to the game. We decided on the rock and EDM genre as they both have their own distinct style and play well with each other. It also opens up to the topic about old vs new, something that we feel resonates with a lot of people.

There are no plans for future DLC.


No Straight Roads will be fully voiced in English, French, Spanish and Japanese! You can freely switch between languages at your preference.

No Straight Roads will have subtitles in: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Bahasa Malay, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Nintendo Switch Specific

We have no plans for a console demo. Do keep an eye on our social media channels should this change!


Please drop us an email at: so we can help fulfil your request!

We don’t have any current plans to release the demo on PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch. If anything changes we’ll announce it on our channels.

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